Our Mission

Hello! We’re Jackie and Brandon Gibbons, aka The Gibbonses.

We are a husband & wife duo who blur the lines between PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and MUSIC by guiding our audiences through an introspective and transformative experience with the help of powerful song writing, inspirational storytelling, and relatable humor.

After our combined 30+ years in the entertainment industry, chasing the conventional dream of rock-superstardom, we realized that we wanted to provide MORE. More meaning, more workable tools, and more value. It became vitally important to both of us that our time on stage be in SERVICE of something greater than ourselves.

Our MISSION is to cultivate a community of people dedicated to living deeply meaningful and authentic lives. Who openly share ideas and experiences, ask difficult, thought-provoking questions, and who believe that by striving to realize our own personal potential, we can create the LIFE we want to live and the WORLD we want to live in.


The Rustic

Dallas, TX

The Rustic 3656 Howell Street
Dallas, TX 75204

Corporate Event

Rockwall, TX

Rockwall, TX Rockwall, TX

Corporate Event

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX Dallas, TX

Kimball Art Museum - Art After Hours

Fort Worth, TX

Kimball Art Museum 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Emily & Mateu's Wedding

Kountze, TX

Kountze, TX Kountze, TX 77625