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With an award-winning stage show, concert-quality sound and lighting systems, and professional MC & DJ services, The Gibbonses cover all of your Dallas wedding band entertainment needs, from the processional to the last dance. If you’re looking for a unique and memorable entertainment experience that you and your guests will talk about for years to come, we want to hear from you!

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Wedding CEREMONY Music

There’s nothing more inviting and magical than live music to underscore your most precious moment as a couple. Let us help you craft a ceremony that’s filled with emotional movie-moments as you say your I do’s.
Dallas Ceremony Musician Packages include: Audio Production, Wireless Lapel Mic for Officiant, Wireless Handheld Mic for couple’s vows, choice of Acoustic Instrumental or DJ Playlist for Prelude Music, choice of Acoustic Music with or without Vocals or DJ performance for Processional & Recessional music.

Dallas Wedding Ceremony Musician

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Dallas Wedding Band for Your RECEPTION

From the cocktail hour to the last song of the night, we cover all of your reception needs and guarantee a magical night of music and celebration will be had by all. Grandma, tots, even your awkward uncle (don’t worry we all have one), will be talking about your choice of Dallas wedding band and wedding entertainment for years to come!
Reception Packages Include: A World-Class Stage Performance, Concert-Quality Sound System, Stage Lighting Package, Professional MC Services, DJ Services (the legit kind), Wireless Mic for Toasts.

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Our Wedding Music Is Designed Around 3 Concepts

Live Music wedding band in Dallas TX

As we began to develop our product many years ago, we had one focus in mind: How can we offer couples something DIFFERENT? Something that gives them and their guests the very best of all worlds? You see — acoustic duos, 6 piece party bands, and DJ’s are PLENTIFUL. You know what’s not though? Two people who create the sound of six! A female lead singer who plays the drums while standing up, and a guitar player who also knows how to drop the DJ beats! NOW THAT’S DIFFERENT!

The next problem we had to solve was this: How do we entertain one group of people for 6 hours without fatiguing their eyes & ears? We do this by methodically stacking the instrumentation. Starting the day off with the inviting ambiance of instrumental acoustic guitar as guests enter the ceremony, then with each big moment (brides entrance, cocktail hr, special dances, reception, the final song of the night) our sound, instrumentation, energy, and connection with your guests elevates to a new level. We’re not just hired wedding vendors for one part of the day, we’re the thread that weaves everyone & everything together from the first moment to the final send-off.

3️⃣ MAKE SURE WE HAVE THE MOST FUN POSSIBLE! …I know. So selfish right?
After many years in the entertainment industry, we’ve learned that in order to best serve YOU, we have to be wildly intentional about doing what makes US happy as performers, individuals, and as a couple. Here are the ways in which we operate:

• We’ve learned through the years, that in order to maintain the standard and quality of our product & services we have a strict One-Wedding-per-Week policy.

• We have a #HappyWifeHappyLife mindset (grooms, take note!). As an ex-cruise ship performer & Zumba instructor, Jackie was dying to find a way to leave her drum set and have the ability to dance & party with the people. This is actually how our DJ offering was born, which became a HUGE win-win for all. (Isn’t it great when that happens?)

• We’re careful to make sure that we’re a good fit for the couples we choose to work with (and vice versa). Much like a wedding planner, we work with our couples extensively all year long. So it’s important that we adore each other, don’t you think?

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Over the years we’ve developed an extensive repertoire of popular songs from the 1950s through today. Don’t see your favorites on our list? No problem! We’re happy to learn up to three new songs to elevate those magical moments like your first dance, your private last dance, the fireworks show, OR PERHAPS … you want us to send you off with you and your college friend’s favorite anthem, like this SUPER FUN COUPLE!

Follow our Spotify Playlist for real time song list updates!


Dancing and Fireworks

Nothing fills our hearts more than seeing huge smiles on the faces of our couples at the end of the night! It truly is an honor to play a part in such an important milestone in the lives of two people and so our goal with each event is to go above and beyond the expectations of our couples and their guests!

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