Time To Get Famous

I’m sure by now most of you just assumed you were somehow deleted from our mailing list since you haven’t heard from me in months. Well, I’m here to say that this was not the case, I just suck. 😉 Like most women, I set out to plan a major life event, like a wedding, while simultaneously conquering the world without missing a beat…YEAH, RIGHT! #EpicFail

I realized through this experience, even the most un-bridelike bride can get swallowed up in this celebratory chaos and find herself very lost after it’s all over.  Last week as I was stuffing goodie bags, all I could think was “I can’t wait for this amazing day to come, but I REALLY can’t wait to have my life back!” 

A few days before the weekend kicked off, Brandon and I came to the realization that after July 20th, we’re officially free of any dates, events, and mostly excuses to work hard to get to the top. That excited us more than anything and putting our long wedding to-do list aside to start re-plotting our game plan to success felt so empowering!! …Except here I am, life at my finger tips with my amazing new husband and all I feel is pretty damn petrified.

Maybe it’s the pit in my stomach that arises every time I hear my phone beep, notifying me that a new picture has been posted. “Oh I hope I don’t look fat”,  I instantly think. Maybe it’s the exhausting idea of cleaning this destroyed apartment and learning how to use my new, top of the line pots and pans. OR, maybe it’s the realization that there is literally nothing else standing in my way, keeping me from fighting for the career I’ve always wanted, and THAT is quite an overwhelming thought to comprehend. 

They say in the fitness world that lack of time is the number one excuse. But what if you had the time? What if you had nothing stopping you anymore?  And what if you had a partner that was willing to work just as hard if not harder to achieve your dreams? Would you run head first into the unknown and fight?  Or would you lay in bed and eat leftover wedding cake while watching the wedding episode of The Office for the 12th time on Netflix? …Guilty…

Everyone asked us all weekend “What now?” and we proudly said “Now it’s time to get famous!!!” But let’s be honest, that’s a pretty ballsy statement and one that takes a lot more than just talk. Of course it takes the obvious hard work, passion, perseverance, blah blah blah..we all know that, but what it REALLY takes is fighting through the fear to reach your true potential…Or as I like to say “S%&t or get off the pot!” (apologies to my lovely new mother in law!)

Anyway my point is, I’m free, I’m loved and supported, and I’m scared to death of failing. But I’ve never been more ready to take life by the balls with my new husband by my side, and fight our way to the very top! 

Anyone care to join me?

Are you scared of change or pushing past your comfort zone? Are you already in the process and feeling successful? Reply to this and tell me about it!

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