Among The Rubble

The Gibbonses

Record Details


Written by Brandon and Jackie Gibbons. Published by Brandon Gibbons (BMI) and Jacklyn Pock (BMI)
“Free” written by TC Fambro. Published by Kyle Fambro (BMI).
“Outbound” and “Who We Are Now” written by Brandon Gibbons, Jackie Gibbons and Zarni. Published by Brandon Gibbons (BMI), Jacklyn Pock (BMI)

Produced by Jamie Hill
Recorded and mixed by Jamie Hill at Secret Agent Audio Services, Los Angeles

Album Art: McCormick Photos & Design
Set Design: Insite Productions & Scott McCormick
Band Photograph: Ashley D’Anna

Jackie Gibbons: vocals, percussion
Brandon Gibbons: acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, backing vocals
Jamie Hill: drums, bass, keyboards, programming, treatments
Ben Shaw: lap steel
Shannon Curtis, Wonder Wood, Morgan Weitz: backing vocals

This music has been mixed to be played loud so turn it up