House Concerts

While you can always find us in the normal performance venues across the country pouring our hearts out to old supporters and new, as artists we’ve quickly learned that we don’t fit the traditional ANYTHING and don’t really care to. Our souls are always in search of finding unique and creative paths to our ultimate goal which is to create deeply authentic relationships through the power of music and storytelling.

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    House Concerts are one of our richest forms of bridging the gap between who we are as artists and who we are as humans. It’s an opportunity to completely eliminate what tends to separate “artists” and “fans” and allows us all the equal opportunity to build upon what lies at the center of all of our souls: The deep and necessary desire to connect with others and to be reminded that whatever the struggle, we are never alone.

    So what is a House Concert?

    A House Concert is a unique and intimate experience that can be held in a backyard, living room, art gallery, or any creative space that allows friends to gather together comfortably.  Over the course of the performance, we invite the audience to join us on an introspective journey as we share personal and relatable experiences through thought-provoking stories and songs.

    Ready To Make Some Memories of Your Own?


    If you are interested or have questions about hosting such a memorable event for you and your friends please EMAIL US with your name, city & state, and a little bit about yourself and your community.