Gettin’ My Groove Back!

Workout PhotoOne of the greatest feelings for me is having a sense of normalcy and balance. Now I realize normal for me is hardly normal for most but never the less, waking up at 4:30 am to work at Orangetheory Fitness, grabbing a mid-afternoon workout, being home by 2 pm to watch trashy TV, food prep, play with the bunny, pick up Brandon, and get ready to either play a gig, open mic, or work on writing new tunes or social media till 12pm ACTUALLY FEELS NORMAL!

For too many months now I have felt a strong disconnection to normalcy and I kept telling myself, “Write music again! It has to be the first step!” I mean, I never felt more alert, alive, connected, focused, or present as when Brandon and I wrote our debut EP “A Formal Introduction”.

I kept struggling to sit down and just start, I had so many ideas, and lord knows PLENTY of inspiration and drama from the last year to last multiple albums! So what was the problem??

Well, it finally hit me….Writing music is like exercising – it’s just a little uncomfortable, a lot of work, and takes time & willingness BUT it always makes me feel better. 

Luckily, it usually just takes one great thought for me to get my s%^t together and that was it! And wouldn’t you believe it, the musical flood gates have reopened and the heart rate monitor is back on!

So what’s the lesson here people?

There are endless excuses that will stop you from getting the tasks done in your life that you love but secretly loath…or is it loath but secretly love? Either way, you know going in that when it’s over you will feel nothing but pride and empowerment. So shut up and GO! GET IT DONE!  Chances are if you’re like me, you will spend more time contemplating, whining, and feeling guilty WAY longer than it would take you to just get in and get out!


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