Do What Makes You Feel Good

Win Your Personal Election and Control Your Future

i-votedI’ve been thinking…What if you made little choices throughout out the day solely based on how you would feel after the fact? Would you make the same choice? Humor me for a moment…

In Theory…Would you still order the fries instead of a side salad, knowing you’re gonna beat yourself up about it afterwards? NO!

Would you skip your workout, even though you know that you NEVER regret it when it’s over? NO!

Would you stay up late making music with your hubby, even though you have to wake up in 3 hours? …Ok, that’s a tricky one…

So sometimes the answers aren’t always obvious. But one thing certainly is: In order to be that person that you envision looking, acting, and living like, you have to make choices for your Future-Self, not the current one.

This lesson is one of many that I learned from nutritional coach Natalie Joffe! She told me this analogy that was so obvious, yet SO mind blowing.

‘Think of your future like a politician running for office; every time you make a choice, you are casting a vote for your future-self and the goal is to get as many votes as possible.’

I MEAN DUH!!! In reality, how is anyone suppose to really meet their goals if they don’t stack the deck in their favor? Anyone can write down a goal and visualize themselves meeting it, which I do believe is a crucial part of the process, don’t get me wrong, but most of us seem to miss the step where we set ourselves up for success, in order to actually achieve it. If you’re like me, maybe it becomes too overwhelming, so you just hope that you will magically wake up all the wiser, “tomorrow!”


Now it’s time to cast your vote!

For 3 straight days, track how many little choices you make throughout the day for your future-self, verses the current one. BE HONEST! You will have both and that’s fine, just write it down. No excuse or validation needed. It’s a choice. You will choose to stay the same or choose to be better than when you woke up. Period.

Before you go to sleep, TALLY UP! Did your future-self win or lose today?

After testing out this theory, I found that if I just paused for a moment before I put one more chip in my mouth or bought my third $4 latte of the day, and asked myself “If I do this, how will I feel after this moment ends?”  If the answer wasn’t “proud” or “better”, then it stopped me in my tracks almost every time.

Post your thoughts, struggles, results, and any epiphany’s that might occur during your 3 Day Tally Challenge in the comments section at the bottom of this post! I’d LOVE to hear all about it and I’m sure others would too. Who knows, you might end up in next week’s newsletter!!! #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue. 😉

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