Confessions of a Starstruck Cruiseship Performer

DSC00289-300x225When I tell someone about my past as a performer on a cruise ship, I know it will be immediately followed by the golden question, “What’s it like working on a ship??”

You would think by now, I had my answer down to a short memorized monologue, but that’s hardly the case. While I’m more than prepared for the question, it’s one that is almost overwhelming to try and put into words on the fly. My mind is instantly flooded with memories…from extreme sunburns, to $1 crew bar beers, endless breakdowns over my exhausted singing voice, to finding my partner in life, my story is one that could only be truly understood by those who have also lived it.

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It Should Be A Fair Trade

Musician_ParkingRants and Raves…Sometimes a girl’s just gotta talk it out, ya know?

Well, I thought I would change it up a bit for this newsletter and have some good ol’ fashion coffee talk with you.

Last week Brandon and I, along with a few other musicians and artists were invited to a private sit down with the Musicians Union and Fair Trade Music.  Both are dedicated to raising the standard of living for all working musicians in Seattle. Most recently they succeeded in getting musician loading signs placed in front of several popular venues. You may have seen them around town.

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