Do What Makes You Feel Good

Win Your Personal Election and Control Your Future

i-votedI’ve been thinking…What if you made little choices throughout out the day solely based on how you would feel after the fact? Would you make the same choice? Humor me for a moment…

In Theory…Would you still order the fries instead of a side salad, knowing you’re gonna beat yourself up about it afterwards? NO!

Would you skip your workout, even though you know that you NEVER regret it when it’s over? NO!

Would you stay up late making music with your hubby, even though you have to wake up in 3 hours? …Ok, that’s a tricky one…

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Gettin’ My Groove Back!

Workout PhotoOne of the greatest feelings for me is having a sense of normalcy and balance. Now I realize normal for me is hardly normal for most but never the less, waking up at 4:30 am to work at Orangetheory Fitness, grabbing a mid-afternoon workout, being home by 2 pm to watch trashy TV, food prep, play with the bunny, pick up Brandon, and get ready to either play a gig, open mic, or work on writing new tunes or social media till 12pm ACTUALLY FEELS NORMAL!

For too many months now I have felt a strong disconnection to normalcy and I kept telling myself, “Write music again! It has to be the first step!” I mean, I never felt more alert, alive, connected, focused, or present as when Brandon and I wrote our debut EP “A Formal Introduction”.

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